The times they are a changin’

This is an interesting one, as it is a bit age dependent. I will tell you that we are once again in the computer realm. But kind of that classic computer realm. So, I can’t guarantee that everyone reading this has used this bit of tech. I would put the over under at if you were born before 1990, you have used this. Does that help? I’ll add an additional hint with the number 1.44. Got it? Scroll for the big reveal.

It’s the center spindle from a 3.5″ floppy disk. You remember those. They held 1.44MB of information. For fun, the RAW file for the photo I took of the floppy disk would require 26 floppy disks to save. And my phone holds the equivalent of 23,000 floppy disks. How things have changed.

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