The unseen advances

Our personal technology has progressed to such a point over the last several years that I think most of us probably take it for granted. We’ve moved past the awe and wonderment of the amazing things devices do and just take it as a normal part of the day.

If I am listening to a podcast when I walk out the door for work, of course it just starts playing over the car’s stereo when I start the engine. A message arrives from a friend on the other side of the country while I am typing this, and I can just respond as if they were sitting next to me? Totally normal.

The other day I sent a 12 character link to someone in California and within seconds they were reviewing a gallery of photos I had taken. These are all things that were unthinkable within most of our lifetimes. And now they are the routine. From 30,000 feet, it’s pretty remarkable.

One of the things that always gives me an appreciation for just how fortunate we are to have all of this technology at our disposal is when I get a better look at the nuts and bolts of what makes these things possible. Like the photo you see above. That is the business side of a laptop that is having an internal battery issue.

This view strips a bit of the magic away from all of those amazing things. Of course, as I type that, I am creating this entry on my laptop, while sitting at my desktop machine, logged into the laptop remotely over the network. And I am going to remotely click a pretend button and all of this will be live for the entire internet to see in a few seconds. It’s crazy how far we have come.

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