Throwback Thursday

I am always fascinated by looking at just how far our technology has progressed. Today, we have a great example. What you are looking at in that top photo is my tiny little 128GB USB drive standing in front of the bottom side of a 75MB disk. That’s not a typo. 75 Megabytes. Here’s another shot for some perspective.

Not only is this drive huge, in the length x width x height measures, it is also ridiculously heavy. It tips the Toledos at 6¼ pounds. Another crazy way to look at it… The RAW files I took for these two photos total 63MB, so a third photo wouldn’t fit on that drive. It can hold two photos!

Of course, I am stacking the deck a bit there, using RAW files for the example. But even if we talk about the reduced resolution PNGs you see here, it can hold 12 of them. Given my penchant for shooting 100s of photos per shoot, the mind boggles at how we did things back in the day.

One more bonkers number. I have about 1TB of photo/film files backed up on my cloud drive. Using these, it would take 13,333 of them. And those drives would weigh over 40 tons. Technology is crazy.

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