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Things are not as they seem in Elgin Park. In fact, if you try to locate the town on the map, it doesn’t exist. The entire thing is the invention of model maker Michael Paul Smith, and it’s incredible. Smith has a love for the mid-20th century, and a talent for making models. He put those two things together and created the Elgin Park you see in the photo above.

But things are not that simple. What really bends your mind is when you see how the photos are created. Not everything you see is a model. Through clever placement to take advantage of perspective, Smith is able to blend his models in with his surroundings seamlessly. It’s rather brilliant. Here’s the wide angle from the above shot.


Pretty amazing, right? Here’s another scene from the world of Elgin Park, from both angles.



These are just the tip of a very big iceberg where Michael Paul Smith and Elgin Park are concerned. You can find a lot more images if you visit his Elgin Park website. If you like the photos of the setups, there are plenty more of those as well, on his flickr stream. One more surprise from Elgin Park? The equipment Smith uses to capture these wonderful images. I won’t spoil it. Have a look at this video for a complete list of all the gear used.

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