Who drinks the most wine?

The question of which two countries drink the most wine per capita is a bit of a tricky one. The big hint there is the ‘per capita’. That lets you know that we are probably talking about smaller countries. But there is small, and then there is small.

The answers are Andorra and Vatican City. Andorra is a tiny principality in the Pyrenees between France and Spain with an area of 181 square miles. So, tiny. But that is huge compared to Vatican City. It covers just over 100 acres. For perspective, that is about one-eighth of Central Park.

According to The Telegraph, both countries average over 56 liters of wine for every person. An odd quirk of numbers reveals that while the US drinks the most wine total at over 3 billion liters per year, averaging that over the population nets just 9.9 liters per capita.

And the country that drinks the least wine per capita is Pakistan, coming in at just 0/00019 liters, which is still more than me. 😀 Our photo today shows a bottle from the Tanjuli winery, which I am told is quite good.

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