A computer controlled rifle for long range shooting


This is pretty incredible technology. Trackingpoint makes precision guided firearms. In a nutshell, their system does the heavy lifting  for long range shooting. Normally, a long range shot is an exercise in mathematics. As soon as a bullet leaves a gun, it’s falling. And if there is any wind present, it’s getting pushed to the side. Configuring how much the drop and shift are for this grain of bullet, fired at this fps, at a target that far away… is complicated. The Trackingpoint system does all of that for you.

After selecting where you want the bullet to go and inputting the wind speed, the system makes the necessary adjustments so when you put the crosshairs on your target you will be aimed properly. The shooter still pulls the trigger, but the rifle won’t actually fire until it is pointed in just the right spot. The gun also has wifi. This lets it stream video of everything the shooter is seeing to an included iPad. It’s cool living in the future.

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