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At this point, I have stopped being surprised by the internet. Enough time has passed, and enough people are involved, that there is a space on the internet for everything. No matter how niche, or bizarre, it’s out there… somewhere. Do you need summaries of the 1200 episodes of the weird gothic soap opera that aired in the late 60s? They’re out there. Yoga with your cat? Right here. 75 years of Band-Aids? Of course. Toilet paper museum? Yep.

The proliferation of strange, and so very specific, things on the internet was why I wasn’t surprised to stumble across a site for buying islands. Of course there would be a site specifically for buying your own private island. This is the internet. What did surprise me was just how many private islands there are. Unless you are very diligent with your geography studies, it’s easy to miss the fact that all of the big land masses are dotted with little islands on the periphery.

Starting at $40 thousand and going up to $110 million, the basic building blocks of the evil lair where you will craft your plan for world domination, like so many things, are just a point and click away.

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