Cu later Coppergator

Honestly, I have no idea what this part is. It’s just a rando bit card I found hanging out on the back of a shelf. Likely out of some long forgotten piece of tech that nobody is using any more.

But that copper coil is cool! And copper is really interesting. To answer our trivia question, a tiny copper awl was found in the Middle East and dates back as far as 5100 B.C.

Some other fun facts: The word copper comes from the Latin root cuprum, derived from the phrase Cyprium aes. That is, “metal from Cyprus”. As you would guess, much of the copper used at the time was mined in Cyprus.

Copper is second only to silver where electrical conductance (how easily current flows through metal) is concerned.

Copper and gold are the only metals on the periodic table with coloring that isn’t silver or grey.

And finally, rather frightingly, the boiling point of copper is 5,301 ℉. Boiling copper seems like the stuff of horror movies.

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