Smells Like HPUX

More than anything else, music is the thing that drives home the passage of time for me. If you were to tell me that Smells Like Teen Spirit was released 28 years ago (it was!), I would be a bit gobsmacked. That sounds like so long ago (it is!), but it doesn’t feel like it has been that long (it has!).

Some of the classic HPUX/3000 systems feel the same way. We are again peeking inside the power supply of the A500 today. Amazingly, the A500 was introduced May 1st of 2000. It is nearly 20 years old. The N4000 will be 20 on April 1st. That is an eternity in computer years. And there are still many of them in service. I use an A500 here as my ignite server and keep a N4000 around for testing parts.

The latest technology is great and allows us to do amazing things. But it is super interesting to know that these old machines are still working away.

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