There’s Your Problem

This is a fun little picture puzzle, that relates directly to a recent service repair. That’s your clue that this is again in the realm of computer parts. I’ll also add that this is far from the latest and greatest of equipment, so put on your wayback caps. Do you recognize this? The answer is down below.

That is the ‘fuzzy button’ from a processor. A 550MHz processor for an A500, to be exact, but you will find these same buttons on processors in the Ns, Ls, and Js as well. They were even still in use when the first of the cell based servers came out in the RP7410.

What is interesting to note here are those little missing dots you see on the button. That is one of the tricky bits in doing repairs to any of these old systems. Often you will find that the processors have been in that system for years, and years. Over that time, the button has started to cook to the system board.

When I pulled this processor, those missing buttons stayed stuck to the system board, rendering this button useless. The processor itself is fine. it fits on the back side of what you are looking at here. But it’s not going to function until you get a replacement button for it.

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