Where did I put that silver lining?

Admittedly, I went into this one with preconceived intentions. The thought was that Seattle would be much lower on the list than anyone expected, and that would make it interesting.


It turns out Seattle is the third cloudiest city in the US with approximately 2170 hours of sunshine each year. But that is still 150 more than Pittsburgh, with 2021 and Acchorage with 2061.

Amazingly enough, I got caught out by this over the weekend. We have had rain, rain, and more rain for the past month, which meant a dearth of sunshine. And I had an outdoor shoot for a theatre company in a local park. I brought an umbrella and made plans for how to get these photos done while managing clouds and rain.

It was as if mother nature was playing a trick on me. 30 days of rain. Oh, you’re doing an outdoor photoshoot? Let me clear all the clouds to the side and shine this blazing sun right in your face! Shoot’s done? You’re heading home? Have some clouds and more rain!

That is how we ended up with the photo above. You’ll notice in the right of the teapot that blazing ball of fire. And that’s me in the middle! I did remove myself, the umbrella, and that oddball tower from the final image. 🙂

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