You call this a wonderland…

There are a lot of romantic notions about the wonders of snow. And I think most of them were created by people that didn’t have to actually get to work and deal with it. Yes, it is very pretty, right after it happens. But that all goes out the window as soon as people need to move. Driven snow is not attractive. Snow mixed with sand and shoved to piles at the edges of parking lots is not attractive. The whole thing is just a big headache…

Of course, I may be projecting there. I was out at 6am this morning shoveling the driveway so I could get out to the ridiculous hill I live on and sled the car to the bottom. Oh, but that was after I discovered that my door was frozen shut, just like the lock.

In the half full section of the rant… my hilly little neighborhood got off easy. Our picture today comes from someone who was not able to make it in to work today because they have 15″ of snow. Fortunately, thanks to the magic of phones, the internet, and remote desktops, we are fully operational.

But I have gotten way off track. Getting back to trivia. Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii was broadcast on Jan 14, 1973. It made history with an ‘estimated’ 1.5 billion viewers across the world. That estimated is in quotes, because there were actually less than a billion possible viewers in the countries it aired…

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