We’re not in Key West anymore Toto

Technically it has been winter for a bit now. But ‘winter’ in Seattle almost always feels like a chilly fall day. We really don’t get snow in the lowlands very often. But today, it’s totally winter. I had to go out at 6am to shovel the driveway so I could make it out to the unplowed street and get to work.

We have about 5″ at the office right now, which is enough to create havoc out on the streets. Along with not getting snow very often, we also have an abundance of ridiculous hills.

They don’t have those problems in Key West. Because (it was a trick question!) they have never had snow! The coldest temperature on record was 41℉, back in January 1981. I could go for a nice 41℉ heatwave right now…

Our picture today is totally relevant. That is standing right outside the front door of the office.

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